Monday, May 14, 2012

A little bit of everything

I'm not even sure how to sum up my life lately. It's been busy, crazy, fun, all that stuff. It's been kind of an insane whirlwind that I can barely remember, but I feel like I've been enjoying it. Ha.
By the way, with all the Rachel Zoe marathons on TV lately, my fashion radar is that much more in effect, so it's been fun living this whirlwind, meeting my inner stylist somewhere in the middle, and seeing what comes out.

Here's my latest collection of evidence.

Studying my script for my latest film, "The Hit."

 A quick, healthy dinner mid-week: Open-faced egg salad sandwich. Hard boiled egg chopped up with a little mayo, topped with avocado slices, a slice of cheddar cheese, and turkey bacon on once slice of whole wheat bread. Cucumber "chips" and grape tomatoes on the side.

Heaven = almost burried under a pile of clothing to try on, in the dressing room of Buffalo Exchange.

A retro-inspired dress and modern smokey make-up to attend the premiere of my film, "Everything's Ok."

On the way to Dallas for some time with Steve's family.

This is where you can usually find me.

 Coffee and auditions and shoots, oh my!

Obsessed with this new vest from Buffalo Exchange, which I got for $15 and makes me feel like a fluffy little owl.

My sister moves to town this week, so things are probably about to get that much more cool around here. But this past weekend was one of the best I've had in a long time.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dallas and stuff

This last week or so has been packed pretty full, but it's been fun. Steve and I celebrated our two year anniversary of meeting/Cinco de Mayo/his sister's birthday in Dallas this past weekend. I also kept busy with a 12 hour film shoot immediately prior to our drive up there on Friday. There are way too many pics of food but I'd been eating super good for a couple weeks to prepare for my shoot (in which I wore very little, heh), so splurging a little was nice. But I'm still mostly trying to stay on the healthy-eating wagon. We also spent some quality time with Steve's niece and nephew and played tourist in Dallas with my friend Kady before heading back to Austin. Here is the random collection of photos I managed to get recently:

2 years ago, I met this cute guy.

Yummy Tex-Mex/Salvadorian cuisine at Gloria's. I'd always wanted to try plantains.

I love having my hair and make up done on set (with independent films, it's not always provided). I was definitely digging the look they gave me.

Dallas sight seeing...somberly. Outside the building where Oswald shot JFK.

 Iced cappuccinos and baked goods at a cute museum cafe. We needed something cheery after seeing the JFK assassination site and some fuel before hitting the road back to Austin. We were pretty beat after the busy weekend.

Paparazzi shot, courtesy of Steve. With my future niece (ok, that still freaks me out a bit!) at her twin brother's baseball game.

I seemed to be a bit popular with the little girls there.

My homemade smoothie obsession is continuing. Yesterday morning I had a strawberry + ice + almond milk + greek yogurt (honey-sweetened) smoothie and some peanut butter toast. So healthy, yet delicious!

 We had an amazing breakfast prepared for us by Steve's brother-in-law our first morning in town.

Did I mention this was my anniversary gift from Steve? Lovely! But I'm not sure I need any for a while after Cinco de Mayo festivities at Gloria's. I definitely paid for it the next day. Luckily, Steve also bought me a pair of earrings and a cute little onesie, which I may have to post photos of soon to do it justice.

Rainy ready

It was a stormy night in Austin and the rain lingers on today. I actually love cloudy or rainy mornings, because they are so cozy. I brewed coffee and made a strawberry smoothie and peanut butter toast for breakfast, curled up on the couch, and watched the Rachel Zoe marathon that my DVR caught.  Can't get much better than that. However, now it's actually time to go out and get my errands done, rainy or not.

What do you guys wear on wet days, when you want to look presentable? I'm very curious, because it can be hard to manage sometimes, and I seem to always end up wearing the same thing.
My outfit will usually consist of my dark grey skinny jeans with knee high leather boots (with a short heel) to keep the water out, no matter how many parking lot puddles I might stomp through, and a top that goes-with. Probably high necked (water running down your chest isn't exactly ideal) and long or three-quarter sleeve just to stay as dry as possible, even if the weather is still somewhat warm. Hair goes completely up -  in a bun on top of my head - or else I just slip on a over-sized beanie cap and keep my hair in a low braid. I tell myself that I look like someone cool out of the Matrix and venture out. Sigh. ;)

Tell me your ideas for rain-proof fashion!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April to May

Updating the dry erase calendar is a fun little ritual I have each month. It's nice to look back over the highlights of the past few weeks before wiping the board clean (ah, bittersweet, sometimes), and writing in the new, upcoming events just adds to the anticipation! And anything that helps me feel a little more "together" and organized is a definite plus.

Can you believe it's May already?!