Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Thanksgiving snaps

Some photos from Thanksgiving weekend:

 An unexpected braid in a pile of hair.
My sister Emily making her newly famous "Trifle" (a layered British dessert with cake, pudding, and pumpkin). I'll have to get her to share the recipe here.

 Elastic-wasted pants and a baggy top = necessary Thanksgiving attire.

Double checking those pumpkin pie directions. I'm no baker.

 Football snacks! My mom and her husband made quite a spread. Steve and I were on our way out the door to meet up with my sister for some shopping...but...oohhh, ok, we'll stay and watch some of the Arkansas game. You convinced us.

Fab cocktails at Fox and Hound Pub, our usual karaoke spot! I was a server there, back in the day....I much prefer this side of things.

How much is too much makeup to pack?

Ok, so obviously, I was pretty awful at taking blog-worthy photos while I was gone. I'll need to get the hang of documenting the holidays through blogging, as I didn't even have my blog this time last year!
Tell me how your week is going and feel free to share any holiday stories!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Most wonderful time of the year...

 How was your Thanksgiving?
Overall, my entire trip to Arkansas was great. I love being with my family over the holidays. It seems though, that my bad luck hasn't quite gone away, because my car decided to break down ON Thanksgiving (you might remember I wrote about spending far too much money to get repairs done on it just last week!). We were on the way to my sister's that morning to bake pumpkin pies. Being stranded on an exit ramp (in traffic) and emergency towing on a holiday was really not in the plan. Thankfully, the transmission shop where we had it towed was able to fix it by the end of the next day, even after telling me they didn't think they could even look at it until Monday! Whew! I was so thrilled. It actually turned out to be a relatively minor fix, but I am hoping the charges are going to be taken care of by the shop I used in Austin last week. I'll be putting my game face on when I go in there this week.

The rest of the weekend was filled with friend time, family time, a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma's house, the traditional cousin-gathering at Golden Corral (I don't know why we think a buffet is appropriate on Thanksgiving weekend, but we always go!), watching lots of football (and one Millionaire Matchmaker marathon at my sister's. Haha), tree decorating at my mom's, whipped cream vodka with hot cocoa (highly recommended for this holiday season!), Starbucks and political philosophizing with my dad, a little bit of shopping/browsing stores (but we avoided the Black Friday madness. Really not my thing), dinner at a Japanese steakhouse with a funny waiter on the hibachi, and overall bonding time with my sweet boyfriend.

Now begins one of my favorite times of the year. I am eager to begin my Christmas shopping and start thinking of fun ideas for everyone. I'm glad I'll be heading back up to Arkansas again so soon. Now, I just have to get through these three weeks of real life! I only wish I had some leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast...I love it cold.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Best friend

RIP Dawson. 1998 - 2011.
Best little mutt anyone could ask for. 

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. You can imagine why. 
I leave town to spend Thanksgiving with family tomorrow. It's going to a busy week, so I will plan on seeing you after the weekend. I hope you have a lovely holiday!

Friday, November 18, 2011


With Thanksgiving coming up (my, how time flies), and with a lot of rough life-stuff going on lately, I wanted to compile a list of things I am truly grateful for. I do those " little things that make me smile" posts a lot, which often helps me to remember to appreciate the simple stuff that brightens my week, but here's a more indepth list. It still includes some of those small, simple treasures (they are important, too!), but also some of those bigger things that I really try not to take for granted.

I'm Thankful...

- for hot coffee and a long, cozy robe on cold mornings

-  to not be sick anymore after catching a long-lasting, strange virus a few weeks ago

- that my ankle is healed, whenever I think about how badly sprained it was earlier this year

- that I have always been able to be with my family over the holidays, each and every year thus far

- that I have an amazing man in my life, and that I didn't settle for anything less

- that my family still remains some of my best friends, and I know they always will

- for friends, new and old, who have humbled me with their loyalty

- for the nicest, coziest, coolest apartment I've ever lived in

- for my steady job, that for the first time in my life, more than pays just the bills

- that I have never forgotten how to be a kid and have some crazy-fun!

- fashion magazines, for the ultimate escape, inspiration, and decompression

- swimming pools and frozen drinks in the summer & fireplaces and hot cocoa in the winter

- pumpkin pie + whipped cream...lots of it (as my mom used to say, "would you like some pie with your whipped cream?")

- everyone who supports me as an actor, even when it's slow going and I want to give up

- music

-my lovely blog readers, of course!

So, my friends, what are you especially thankful for this year? What's been on your mind? I want to hear your list! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holding on

All I want to do today is this:

But... I have to be productive today. I have to. It's been really hard to focus on anything for the past couple weeks, with all the negative stuff going on (namely, a very sick dog, car troubles - both of which also meant financial issues - some personal dramas, being sick myself for far too long, and now, movie roles I'm all-too-sure I didn't get. Etc. It just all keeps piling on.)
I've basically been a lazy lump all this week and done absolutely nothing (except maybe eat too much). It's getting old quick, and I hate it, but that motivation just isn't there. I really need to get back into the gym, as well. But today, I am at least going to focus on getting work done that should have probably been done last week, and tackling a few errands. It'll probably be good to get out.

Maybe I'll even put some make up on for the first time in 3 days (that might be a record for me).

I know this is all just a bad phase, and it will pass. But ohhhhh, I can not wait 'til it does.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gear shifts

 While I'm still in shock by how much I had to pay in car repairs this morning, after having my car in the shop for a couple days, I must say, there is nothing like that first drive out of the lot after you know it's been all fixed up and running smoothly. The car feels great. I'm going to choose to focus on the peace of mind I now have, instead of the gigantic bill. Hopefully, this means I wont need to have anything major done in quite a long time. Everything should be in good shape now.

These last two weeks have kind of been full of unexpected woes. Life feels messy. I am looking for that light at the end of the tunnel and appreciating those I am lucky enough to have with me during the rough moments.

Tell me how your week is going!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I wish I'd been more diligent about taking pictures over my birthday, but cest la vie. Here are a few highlights from the weekend:

Steve took me to PF Changs for a pre-birthday dinner Friday night. I WISH I could remember the name of this delicious coconut/lemon cocktail. I highly recommend it, if you're ever there. It's easy to recognize on their cocktail menu. We had a drink at the bar while we waited for our table, and then enjoyed a marinated lamb dish and shrimp with lobster sauce, paired with brown rice. I tried a pear Mojito with dinner, which was also quite good.

On Saturday (my actual birthday), we headed to Dallas for a day trip. My dad happened to be in town for business anyway, so we met up with him and his wife for a bit, and had a nice lunch together at Five Guys' hamburgers (my first time there! Very yummy). Steve and I spent the rest of the day exploring some of his old stomping grounds in the city, and browsing the beautiful (and large!) Galleria mall. Even though I think they should wait until after Thanksgiving, the mall was nicely decorated for Christmas, complete with a tree that stretched through all four stories of the building and was surrounded by an ice rink!  I got a kick out of browsing some of the very high end shops there, but my favorite part was going to The American Girl store. I have a huge collection of their stuff from when I was a child. For now, it's all safely packed away in my mom's attic for when I can pass it on to my little girl.

Dallas actually works alright as a day trip, but it was definitely a bit exhausting. Especially because we left so early in the morning. It felt great to just veg out on Sunday. Steve and I had breakfast in bed (strawberries, croissants, and Ruby-Red grapefruit mimosas) and watched "A Goofy Movie", something else nostalgic from when I was younger! The rest of the day was more of the same...movies and lounging around. Quite nice.

This Saturday, Steve and my friend Kady are throwing me a little belated party at Chuck E. Cheese. I can't think of a better place to be a kid again for a day, and forget how old I'm getting. ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Waiting game

 I struggled to get a blog post in today, but here I am. I woke up super early (as in 7am) to take my car into the shop before Steve needed to be at work. I had an important film audition today (ok, they are all important, but this was a particularly good opportunity), so he was generous enough to let me borrow his car for the day. Reeeeaaalllly hoping my car will be done by the end of today though. It needed its gear shift cables replaced...or something along those lines.

I have a love/hate relationship with auditions, as I'm sure most actors do. I'm always incredibly excited about them, but they also put me in a position where I am consumed with scrutinizing myself and wondering how I did. The waiting game afterwards is both fun, suspenseful, and agonizing at the same time. But I must say, the experience today was really fun and the audition was for a role I am very excited about. We'll see if I get asked to the second round of callbacks. I had my initial audition this morning (I was so tempted to sneak onto the set of "The Lying Game", an ABC Family series, which was filming in the lot next to my audition!), and was asked to come back again in the afternoon, after the director gave me some ways to rework the scene. It's always great to get notes and then have the chance to incorporate them later.

Anyway, as usual, I'm doing my best to just "let it all go" at this point. I'm having myself a little afternoon coffee break and watching Dirty Soap on my DVR. Hopefully I'll be motivated to get some work done after this...if I can quiet my brain and focus.

Tomorrow I will try and post a recap of my birthday weekend! I was awful about taking photos, but I'll see what I ended up with.

Hope you're having a great day! xx

Friday, November 11, 2011

And many more...

Happy Birthday to me (tomorrow)....

and to all you other Scorpios. xx

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A moment

Ah, I have finally found a blogging-minute. I spent the morning buying groceries to replenish my sparse kitchen. I hadn't found the time to go since getting back into town on Sunday. The first shopping trip after being out of town always feels like an accomplishment. Then, one of my best girl friends invited me out for an early "birthday lunch" (my actual birthday is Saturday). We enjoyed some soup and salad at Olive Garden (ok, I also splurged on a birthday was almost 1:00pm...that's after Noon, at least...), and then we went for lattes at Starbucks.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing some character study for a film audition I have Monday. This could be a big opportunity for me, so I'm very excited. They want me to have a specific accent for the role, so I have been doing research to find good examples of the one I need to learn.

My play reading performance last night was a lot of fun, and I think it went quite well. I was very flattered to receive some nice compliments on my acting afterwards. I like that the event was professional, yet low key, and sort of like a little cocktail party that included a reading. I hope I'll get to do more in the future. Just having a "toe" back into the theatre world, really made me remember how much I love it. It's like home.

For now, I'm curling up in my "girl throne" with the rest of my soy latte and delving into this film script they've sent me. I love when I'm able to have access to the entire script before an audition, not just the one scene they want me to read. I happen to be mimicking Gwyneth's outfit above, coincidentally. Nothing better than a big, cozy sweater and a pair of boy shorts or undies to get comfy on a Fall day. I've added my trademark knee high socks to the mix, with an argyle pattern.

Hope everyone's having a lovely day. I am so glad the weekend is upon us!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Upward spiral

Busy busy busy busy busy......and enjoying the cooler weather.

Tell me about your week so far. xx

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Yes, please.

I've been having cravings for croissants, strawberries, coffee, and grapefruit mimosas since last night. Maybe that will be a birthday present to myself this weekend.

Too much work to get done today...I'm struggling to get started. My mind is more focused on wishing I was in the photo above, and on the play reading my boyfriend and I are going to this evening. There are two plays this week, and my group performs tomorrow night. I thought it would be fun to go and support the other group, as well. Plus, I can't think of a much better combination than wine and theater. Except mimosas and croissants...with strawberries.

Dragging myself to work now...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Austin - Little Rock - Fayetteville - Kansas City...and back.

I have to say, I am thrilled to be starting a new week. It couldn't possibly be as hectic or stressful as this past one (right?). Even though my trip to Arkansas/Kansas City was a whirlwind and involved way too much driving in 3 short days (30 hours total in the car), I had a nice time seeing family and friends, which is always worth a little craziness. For now though, I am very happy to be home and back with my boyfriend.

Luckily, I don't have to settle into a too-normal routine just yet, because this week I am doing a play reading with some local playwrights. It's been a little while since I've done a live event, so I'm really excited. I was asked to participate by one of my favorite college professors (back when I was earning my acting degree in Birmingham, Alabama), who is also now living in Austin. We have a rehearsal this evening and the performance in on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, here are some photos from my trip (in no particular order):

 I loved the walls in the building where my cousin's wedding reception was.

 Remnants of a wedding...

 Awake at 6am. This had to be documented.
 Sunset while driving through Fayetteville, Arkansas. If my camera had worked just a few seconds faster it would have been a much more amazing shot. Trees got int the way.

 A great little dive burger shop...somewhere in Arkansas.

 Looking up at the wedding reception.

 Personalized bottles for the couple. Cabernet Sauvignon - my wine of choice.

 Center pieces. And my mom's husband.

 Last night in Little Rock meant dinner and drinks with friends. The awesome manager at Old Chicago gave us a sampler platter on the house.

Best wishes and congratulations to my cousin, Erin and her new husband Greg on their marriage! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Road trip: attempt #2

Ok, I'm a bit more "regrouped", I'd say, than I was yesterday. I'm finally off to Arkansas, and immediately onto Kansas City with my family. I will see you on Monday, hopefully with some recoverance of sanity. Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I wasn't even supposed to be here today...

I'm just gonna say it: this week has been absolute murder. I felt too sick to drive to Arkansas today when I woke up (this would be day 5 of being sick), and on top of that, my dog is suddenly really ill and we spent the whole morning at the vet with him. In fact, he's still there, while they run some tests.

Someone needs to bring me a latte and some sanity.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Things That Make Me Smile...

Later-than-usual post today. I've been running around trying to get all my work done before leaving town tomorrow morning, plus I had to squeeze in a run to the doctor, since I am really not feeling hardly any better after 4 days of being ill! Being sick already ruined Halloween, it'd be awful to have it ruin my cousin's wedding for me, too!
My doctor seems to think my symptoms point to a virus, but thankfully I've been hooked up with antibiotics just in case. I really don't want to be miserable during my whole trip. We'll see if the medication works, and if not, at least I've ruled out that possibility the it's something bacterial. Then it probably just means I need to let the virus run it's course....but, boy oh boy, do I hope these pills work.

This seems like a good time to concentrate on the little, simple, uncomplicated things that make me happy right now:

 Black nails. I think it's a "do" for Fall/Winter. What do you think?

 A seasonal snack: honey crisp apples in caramel sauce.

 Hot tea with a "honey spoon", brought back from Monticello in Virginia.

 Rediscovering old shoes, which make some pretty awesome Mary-Jane-like platform shoes for Fall. This is why I rarely throw anything away. ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I was a Halloween zombie, but not in a good way

I'm still mourning the fact that I missed Halloween. I rarely get sick, so the fact that it had to happen on one of my favorite days of the year is making it difficult to take.

Luckily, I can still look back on Friday night, when my boyfriend and I attended our friends' annual pumpkin carving party. I didn't carve a pumpkin this year, but it's always good fun to go and hang out with everyone, and enjoy a nice spread of Halloween food and drink. There was no shortage of talent among the pumpkin carvers, as well, and it was fun to see what everyone came up with.

Drink of choice for the night: Snakebites (Guinness and Hard Apple Cider)

My cold-weather, casual party wear

I'm still feeling quite under the weather, and aside from that being a real annoyance, I am driving to Arkansas on Thursday morning, and then up to Kansas City with with my family on Friday, for my cousin's wedding! I am really looking forward to it, but being sick during the entire trip is definitely not the goal. My body needs to get in gear!