Monday, November 14, 2011

Waiting game

 I struggled to get a blog post in today, but here I am. I woke up super early (as in 7am) to take my car into the shop before Steve needed to be at work. I had an important film audition today (ok, they are all important, but this was a particularly good opportunity), so he was generous enough to let me borrow his car for the day. Reeeeaaalllly hoping my car will be done by the end of today though. It needed its gear shift cables replaced...or something along those lines.

I have a love/hate relationship with auditions, as I'm sure most actors do. I'm always incredibly excited about them, but they also put me in a position where I am consumed with scrutinizing myself and wondering how I did. The waiting game afterwards is both fun, suspenseful, and agonizing at the same time. But I must say, the experience today was really fun and the audition was for a role I am very excited about. We'll see if I get asked to the second round of callbacks. I had my initial audition this morning (I was so tempted to sneak onto the set of "The Lying Game", an ABC Family series, which was filming in the lot next to my audition!), and was asked to come back again in the afternoon, after the director gave me some ways to rework the scene. It's always great to get notes and then have the chance to incorporate them later.

Anyway, as usual, I'm doing my best to just "let it all go" at this point. I'm having myself a little afternoon coffee break and watching Dirty Soap on my DVR. Hopefully I'll be motivated to get some work done after this...if I can quiet my brain and focus.

Tomorrow I will try and post a recap of my birthday weekend! I was awful about taking photos, but I'll see what I ended up with.

Hope you're having a great day! xx


  1. Just out of curiosity, what do you typically wear to an audition? And what are your favorite characters to portray?

  2. That's a great question. And you may have inspired me to do a post on just such a topic. :)
    In general though, it depends on what type of role I'm auditioning for. I don't like to fully "dress the part" or look like I'm arriving in costume, but if I'm playing a rugged, casual type girl, then I'm not going to show up in a pencil skirt and heels, you know? But, if I was auditioning for a sexy secretary, I would.

    I think it's important to look professional, show off "YOU", and then have a hint of the character's general attitude, as well. You also want to show off your body type without being too revealing (once again, professionalism is key). So, it can actually be a hard task finding just the right outfit.

    I'm not a super uptight person, so I don't want to come across that way at an audition, even though I want to be taken seriously as an actor. So, a pretty typical outfit for me would be dark skinny jeans (grey or dark denim), a tank top with some color (something that feels very "me"), with a fitted black blazer or other professional type jacket on top. Then, I'll either do sleek boots, simple heels, or flats, depending on the type of audition. If I'm not playing a character who would wear heels, I'll opt for flats.

    At my audition yesterday, I wore a pair of casual grey dress-pants (that sounds like a contradiction...I hope that makes sense), a grey ribbed tank top, and flats. I left my hair wild and wavy and did natural, yet pretty make up. I felt my character was more rugged than my typical self, a tad athletic, but still attractive. The outfit was simple, showed off my body type, and was simple enough/casual enough/professional enough to where it would allow the director and casting director to picture me in various ways. A blazer just didn't feel right for this typical audition.
    Was this outfit a wise choice? I still have yet to find out, haha, but I just try to go with my instincts.

  3. As far as characters go, I'm pretty open minded. I always like to be playing something different and feel like I'm broadening my horizons. The fact that I was having to learn a southern accent for this latest audition was very exciting to me. It's so different from the real me, and it's something I've never had to do before.

    I used to always play a lot of "bad girl" or villain types, but it seems like over the last few years I've started to get cast in more typical leading lady, heroine type roles. Although MOST recently, I've definitely played a couple edgy or less-than-good characters. I tend to prefer those, I guess. I think they are a bit more fun. ;) But in general, I like characters with depth, levels, and a good range of emotion within the film.

    I'd love to play something where I'm forced to drastically change my appearance. I always get a kick out of that kind of thing.

  4. Thanks for answering my questions sorry I was so late to respond!
    But it definitely sounds like you take acting seriously which is awesome, I always love to see people who are passionate about the arts! I hope you go far in acting I'll be waiting to see you on the big screen! Good luck.