Monday, November 7, 2011

Austin - Little Rock - Fayetteville - Kansas City...and back.

I have to say, I am thrilled to be starting a new week. It couldn't possibly be as hectic or stressful as this past one (right?). Even though my trip to Arkansas/Kansas City was a whirlwind and involved way too much driving in 3 short days (30 hours total in the car), I had a nice time seeing family and friends, which is always worth a little craziness. For now though, I am very happy to be home and back with my boyfriend.

Luckily, I don't have to settle into a too-normal routine just yet, because this week I am doing a play reading with some local playwrights. It's been a little while since I've done a live event, so I'm really excited. I was asked to participate by one of my favorite college professors (back when I was earning my acting degree in Birmingham, Alabama), who is also now living in Austin. We have a rehearsal this evening and the performance in on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, here are some photos from my trip (in no particular order):

 I loved the walls in the building where my cousin's wedding reception was.

 Remnants of a wedding...

 Awake at 6am. This had to be documented.
 Sunset while driving through Fayetteville, Arkansas. If my camera had worked just a few seconds faster it would have been a much more amazing shot. Trees got int the way.

 A great little dive burger shop...somewhere in Arkansas.

 Looking up at the wedding reception.

 Personalized bottles for the couple. Cabernet Sauvignon - my wine of choice.

 Center pieces. And my mom's husband.

 Last night in Little Rock meant dinner and drinks with friends. The awesome manager at Old Chicago gave us a sampler platter on the house.

Best wishes and congratulations to my cousin, Erin and her new husband Greg on their marriage! 

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  1. How dare you call that "nice burger place" a dive! lol.