Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Things That Make Me Smile...

Later-than-usual post today. I've been running around trying to get all my work done before leaving town tomorrow morning, plus I had to squeeze in a run to the doctor, since I am really not feeling hardly any better after 4 days of being ill! Being sick already ruined Halloween, it'd be awful to have it ruin my cousin's wedding for me, too!
My doctor seems to think my symptoms point to a virus, but thankfully I've been hooked up with antibiotics just in case. I really don't want to be miserable during my whole trip. We'll see if the medication works, and if not, at least I've ruled out that possibility the it's something bacterial. Then it probably just means I need to let the virus run it's course....but, boy oh boy, do I hope these pills work.

This seems like a good time to concentrate on the little, simple, uncomplicated things that make me happy right now:

 Black nails. I think it's a "do" for Fall/Winter. What do you think?

 A seasonal snack: honey crisp apples in caramel sauce.

 Hot tea with a "honey spoon", brought back from Monticello in Virginia.

 Rediscovering old shoes, which make some pretty awesome Mary-Jane-like platform shoes for Fall. This is why I rarely throw anything away. ;)

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