Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello, luvvies! Happy Valentine's Day!
I apologize for my long M.I.A. status lately. I've either been sick or busy, and I'm not seeing an end in sight, really. However, I do have lots of ideas for posts lined up, so let's hope I can get those all ready for you soon!

How will you be spending Valentine's Day?
Steve and I made a deal to keep it low key this year, since we're saving for the wedding, etc. However, we did have a wonderful Saturday afternoon with two newly-married friends at a chocolate and beer tasting event at an adorable bar called The Ginger Man. Tonight, I'm planning a little night at home, complete with bubbly and a home cooked dinner. I'm enjoying the fact that this is my first Valentine's Day as a fiancee. And guess what? Steve and I picked out and ordered our wedding rings last night!

I think Valentine's Day can be fun even if you're not attached, however. I've never reeeeally been one of those bitter-about-Valentine's-Day people, even the years I was single. I always found it a fun excuse to plan a girl's night (sometimes they are better about wanting to do something lovey-dovey and cutesy-themed than the boys are!) or even have a night to yourself to enjoy some "me time"! Champagne and a bubble bath for one? Complete control of all the sappy or guilty pleasure movies I want to play all night? Yes, please!
My first year in Austin, me and my best girl friend here got together, made cupcakes, and sipped on champagne and grapefruit juice mimosas! I think you can also go "bitter" in a humorous way and do a little "anti-Valentine" themed night with horror films or really awful romantic films that you throw popcorn at.

So, are you single this V-day or attached? Either way, I want to hear about your plans and ideas! Hope you have a wonderful day! xx

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