Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oscar ready

Alright, I'm a little late in posting these, but here are some photos I took while getting ready for an "Academy Awards watching/ Bacon Feast" party a friend of mine had. Everyone was asked to dress up for the night. Bacon + fancy attire? Love it!

 Accessories! Clutch purse and decorative headband.

 Picking out an outfit...

 A smile might have been nice...

Some favorite makeup: Hard Candy bronzer, Elf liquid black liner, Bare Minerals eye shadow in "1980s", 
and Maybelline Wet Shine lipstick in "Flushed."

 Bacon brownies, cupcakes, and cheesecake

 Bacon for dinner: Pinwheels, potato salad, banana sandwiches, chicken/jalapeno/bacon bites, and a variety of dip bacon slices in, of course.

  Me with fellow blogger, Christina Boudreaux
You can check out her blog (including her recount of this night!) at "Christina Does It All"

It was really fun night with many great people. There was no shortage of bacon dishes (Did I mention I already had plans to start a detox diet the next day? Good timing.) or fashion-critiquing the celebrities on TV. Did you have your own best and worst dressed? I think we were all in agreement that Angelina Jolie looked oddly thin. I'm not one to buy into tabloid reports of anorexia, or one of those girls who says "Oh em gee, eat a cheeseburger!" to ANYONE, because I am naturally thin myself, but wow. She really did look a bit scary. And what was with her leg-out stance while presenting? It was just weird. Thoughts?

I also wanted to see celebs like Sandra Bullock take more of a risk. I thought she dressed a little too "old" for her still-hot figure. Stars like Natalie Portman and Cameron Diaz looked lovely, as usual.

I know it might seem wrong to be concentrating on the fashion more than the awards, but honestly, I've barely seen any movies this past year! I definitely have some on my list though, now that they were showcased so nicely at the awards.

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  1. thanks for the shout-out! love yo blog. can't wait to hang out againnn :)