Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring cleaning

I hadn't planned to do a complete overhaul on my apartment this past weekend, but the Spring cleaning bug took over and I ended up going on a spree. However, I'm thrilled that I did! Steve joined in and we ended up giving our fridge a makeover, fully cleaning our bathrooms, and switching out all our wintery home decor (such as pillows, holiday scented candles, and flower vases filled with poinsettias) with spring accent pieces like lemon and "fresh cotton" scented candles and white hydrangeas.

Most notably, Steve took the initiative of cleaning out the outdoor closet on our balcony, which I had probably been too scared to look in for at least a year. Haha. I wasn't even sure what was in there anymore. He got rid of everything we didn't need and organized the stuff we wanted to keep. The closet looks twice as big now and has room to spare! He also set up a seating area out on the balcony, which I've been wanting to do forever. We're still keeping an eye out for some nicer (and affordable) patio furniture, but at least for now, he created a fully functional area with stuff we already had around.

We decided to spend the evening out there with a bottle of wine and some snacks, chatting and listening to music. The weather was perfect. I'm so glad it's Spring!

 Steve found my old coffee table in the outdoor closet, so that provided an easy table for now. Plus, I finally have somewhere to use this floral fabric.

 The life!

 Chilled Pinot Grigio (I highly recommend The Naked Grape!) and jalapeno poppers. You know...health food. :)

Have you done any sort of "Spring cleaning" this year?

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