Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday in Austin

I spent this past week in Columbus, Texas on a film shoot at a 900 acre ranch. I'm not really an outdoor girl, so the camping-like experience was quite an adventure. However, it felt great to be taken out of my comfort zone a bit. Between the shoot and spending 2 weeks in Arkansas the week before that (I was back for 3 days in between), I've barely seen my apartment OR my fiance all month! So, after getting back home around midnight on Friday, I was excited to have a normal, relaxing weekend ahead of me. An important part of it was simply being domestic. On Sunday morning, Steve and I cooked up a pancake brunch. I was quite proud of how well my pancakes came out. :)

 All natural "Blackberry Patch" brand Wild Blueberry and Apple Butter syrups from Cabela's.

I thrive on the crazy schedule, but for right now it's nice knowing I don't need to think about packing another suitcase in a couple days and leaving again... for a little while at least!

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