Monday, December 5, 2011

High lights

Here are some highlights from my weekend.
It actually ended up being a stressful one...I'm so tired of dealing with incompetent businesses and customer service people making my life harder. I should get paid for all the time and effort I've spent trying to counter about 4 different companies' mistakes over the last few weeks. I just want what's rightfully mine, and I will raise my voice if that's the only way to get it. Shady companies: beware.

Add in a lovers' spat and annoying health problems and it makes for a pretty awesome weekend, gotta tell ya. I'm assuming at some point I am bound to get a break from this seemingly-never-ending phase of stress, if even just by pure coincidence.

So anyway, like I said...focusing on the highlights...

Steve's company Christmas part was super fun, and their balcony has a great view.

Chowin' down on some really good walnut/cranberry/feta salad (omg, three of my favorite things) and a mini pumpkin pie! The food was pretty adorable.

Food is always a "highlight" in my book. We had a cozy night in one night and made some lentil soup with a mix we got from Crate and Barrel. It was my first-ever trip there. I can see why people love it, but it's too pricy for me. Really fun to browse around though, and pretend you're one of the special people. Paired the soup with hot ciabatta bread, out of the oven.

 $6 for a bottle of this stuff. It's actually a malt beverage, not sparkling wine, but it was really yummy.

We haven't tried the butternut squash soup yet, but I am really looking forward to it. (Crate and Barrel, $7.95 each) p.s. the soup mixes are all natural with "real" ingredients, nothing artificial.

We grabbed lunch one afternoon at Phil's Icehouse. If you have one near you, you MUST go. Epic junk food. I always get the 78704 (I think?) Burger, but this time, Steve and I opted for their burger SAMPLER (choice of three burgers as sliders!). I always get sweet potato fries. Oh so delicious. And is it just me, or are sliders the cutest thing ever?!

Ok, you know what? The stress had definitely rolled over into my Monday, and it's been a crazy-busy day, but looking over some of the weekend fun has cheered me up quite a bit. :) How was your weekend? I hope your week is starting out on the right foot. xx

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