Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shopping spirit

Yay, me. I got an appropriate amount of Christmas shopping done today. The weather has been super mild here this week, but unfortunately that has been accompanied with lots of rain. Between that and the usual crowds/traffic (is it just me, or does Christmas shopping suddenly mean it's totally ok for people to just walk into you and act like they don't even notice?), it was a little hectic. But it feels great to get a good chunk of it done, and I'm having so much fun picking out gifts for everyone! Besides the Christmas spirit, here are some "go-to's" that helped me on my shopping trip today:

Raindrops on my coffee!

Shopping fuel:
Starbucks grande soy latte + one Splenda pack

Shopping soundtrack: 
Noel Gallagher's, "High Flying Birds" album, which my brother gave me for my birthday last month. Check out the strings in track one. Beautiful.

Shopping style: 
My knee high boots. Stylish, rain proof, and only a small heel.

To be honest, I got these boots at Payless for $20 or so, about three years ago. They've held up great and I still LOVE them.

Wow, it is absolutely POURING down rain now. I got home just in time!

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