Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Off day = day off

Sometimes it's important to give yourself a day off.
There was no pressing work I really had to do yesterday, so I allowed myself to have a "me" day (this is where working at home really comes in handy). It felt good, considering all the stress I've been under and how busy things have been.

I dyed my hair to get rid of my pretty horrific roots. Although, once again I decided to try a new brand of hair dye, Garnier Nutrisse. Bad idea. I ALWAYS regret trying a new brand. I just need to stick to Feria (ever since Herbal Essences discontinued their hair dye line, at least). I must say, I think I've been disappointed by just about every Garnier product I've ever used (their awful 3-minute deep conditioner comes to mind, especially). Their "ultra bleach blonde" dye left a lot of red tones in my hair. Plus, Feria (and Herbal Essences) comes with a mini bottle of great conditioner that lasts me for at least a couple weeks. Garnier's hair dye comes with pretty much a one-use packet. Oh well. Wont be doing that again.
Anyway, not complaining....just want to share some useful product info with you guys. All in all, it feels great to have my crazy roots gone and I'm thrilled every time I catch myself in the mirror!

I've really been wanting a classic pajama set with a men's style top and bottoms, and I found a great pair at Target yesterday on sale for $20. They are white with a small, grey leopard print pattern. So comfy!! I don't want to take them off this morning!

For now, I'm gonna get started with a cup of coffee and see where the day takes me. I should definitely get a workout in and run a few errands. I hope you have a lovely day.

p.s Any thoughts on Garnier?


  1. Funny that you mentioned Garnier. My sister has blonde hair as well and she does a root touch up just like you. She's used Ganier before and it turned her hair kinda orange definitely NOT blonde!
    As for their other hair products, I must agree with you on this-they suck.

  2. I like their make up remover face wipes, but I think that's the only thing I've really ever used of theirs.