Friday, December 2, 2011

'Tis that season

Had enough with the cheesy Christmas-themed headlines already? Maybe...?

So, the task for Steve's company holiday party was to come up with an outfit that felt like "me", but was still something appropriate for mingling with Steve's business associates, most of whom I had never met. There was also time to be spent on the large balcony of their new building (which includes a gorgeous view of the Austin skyline), so something relatively warm was also in order. We were lucky to have a night where temperatures stayed in the upper 60s, so it was actually very comfortable out.
Here's what I pulled together.

 Never underestimate the usefulness of a plain, causal, comfy sweater. I believe I got this one at Target a couple months back. I paired it with a short, gray pencil skirt, tights, and my Soda wedges.

 Tried to get a better view of my skirt/tights. Where's my personal photographer when I need him?!

 Sort of a full view...minus the wedges. Blurry face. I love these tights (bought them at a Halloween shop this year). They instantly add edge to any outfit.

My hair was being especially big and not particularly cooperative, so I just went with it and piled it all up into a fluffy (perhaps, 1980s? eesh) messy ponytail.
P.S. I am sort of in love with this necklace, which a girlfriend gave me for my birthday.

What do you like to wear for "business casual" type events? How do you balance your own style with a level of conservativeness? What are you holiday go-to items this year? I really want to know, so don't be shy!

For now, soup is simmering on the stove and raspberry sparking wine has been poured. I'm ready to enjoy a cozy night in. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. This outfit is adorable. LOVE how the high neckline of the sweater adds the perfect contrast with the short skirt!