Monday, October 24, 2011


My boyfriend had to work all weekend, and I missed him a lot. Here are some photos from my boyfriend-less adventures.

Freshly opened Creme Brulee coffee to start the day.

70s-like jumpsuit. I was also wearing a tiara. Yup.

Finally discovered the entire room of shoes at the very back of Lucy in Disguise. It was like Spice Girl heaven. I resolved to buy all my shoes there from now on (wishful thinking).

Trying on vintage clothes with two of my girlfriends. So much fun. Plenty of laughs...and a smelly dressing room.
1. Fabulous 60s cocktail dress (notice the back view in the mirror). Didn't fit right (everyone knows women in the 60s had small boobs) and  its re-wearability factor is probably slim. I was very sad.
2. Horribly awesome, sequined, elaborately shoulder-padded 80s dress. I 80s-danced around the store in it. The guy working there was laughing at me, and people were staring. It was pretty awesome. I didn't consider buying it.
3. Beautiful vintage-inspired dress at another shop. Wanted it for my cousin's wedding next month. Didn't fit right. It's my damn boobs again. Still was a pretty dress.

Adorable popcorn bowl, which I promptly bought. (Burlington Coat Factory, $1.99)

This is what my hair looked like after being braided all day on Saturday (you can tell how sleepy I was)...always better than when I try to use a curling iron to make it look styled. It's naturally wavy anyway, so usually I just straighten the top few inches...whenever I want instant Rachel Zoe hair.

Said braid, plus my outfit from Saturday (this whole post is out of order. Oh well), which was fun enough to keep on from coffee with my girlfriend in the afternoon, to a little champagne get-together downtown that night.

Platform wedges (by Soda, Burlington Coat Factory, $14.99. Yes, you read that correctly). Words can not express the love. And get this: they feel like flats.

Pretty snazzy weekend. Some highlights not pictured:
- Lunch at Homeslice Pizza (white pizza with spinach and pools of ricotta + lemonade + big chocolate chip cookie).
- Live music by my friend's new jazz duo, The Jazz Destroyers (I demand you go "like" their Facebook page).
- Champagne with my friend Greg to celebrate his vampire novel, Thicker Than Water and its release at the Amazon Kindle Store (If you're interested, click for info on the book and how to get it for 99 cents). Sorry for all the shameless plugs. I like to support my talented friends when I can.

Have a great week! xx!!

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