Monday, October 3, 2011

Oktober Weekend

Posting a little bit late today. I needed some time to fully wake up, have some coffee and cereal, watch one of my morning TV shows, and take care of a few work tasks before I felt human enough to sit down and blog. Haha.

I spent Saturday at Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg, TX with some friends. It was fun, but I think I'd actually enjoy the little german-influenced town even more on just a typical day, without the crowds, long lines, and overpriced beer and food (purchased with tickets, after waiting in a long line for those, too). The little shops and bars in town are great. I'd love to just go spend a day there sometime this fall, and experience that stuff in a more relaxing atmosphere. The road trip part of the day might have actually been the most fun, with all of us piled into my boyfriend's car for an hour and half each way. We ended the day with a whole collection of inside jokes. Definitely some good times.

The turkey legs were quite a hit.
I'm wearing my new 70s style dress with gypsy-like sleeves, which I bought second hand at Plato's Closet for $8. I thought it had perfect Fall colors for the day.  I felt quite Rachel Zoe-ish. I'll try and post a better photo of it soon.

On Sunday, I got to sleep in, which was amazing after the long week I had, with plenty of extremely late nights out, too-early mornings, and busy days. My boyfriend had coffee awaiting me when I finally got out of bed, and we watched the Texans game together. Then, we headed out to browse some of the big Halloween stores that open each year around this time. We stopped at Rockin' Tomato for dinner (I LOVE their Greek salad with a side of pepperoni rolls). It felt great to have a low key day, just the two of us. I'm glad we got out to really enjoy it, rather than just camping in front of the TV all day (which would have been tempting). We got in at about 9pm and had some time for cuddling on our big arm chair before bedtime.

How was your weekend?

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