Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

...but not so happy for me....I'm really sick, and spending the day in bed. Halloween plans for tonight look like a no-go. It hit me hard last night, and I was hoping I felt better by today. No such luck. I'm definitely bummed! I had created a pretty awesome costume from stuff just lying around my closet, and was eager to show it off.

Some friends and I had plans to go downtown for some costumed bar-hopping. One of my girlfriends, who was supposed to go out with us tonight, is also sick. We've already decided that we should throw a "We Missed Halloween Party" in the next few weeks, complete with the costumes we didn't get to wear, plus Halloween-themed snacks and drinks.

What were you for Halloween? What did you get up to?
I'll be sure to post photos of the late Halloween party, if it happens. For now, here is a picture of Steve and I from last year:

Victoria and David Beckham - Halloween 2010

I wish I at least felt good enough to drown my sorrows in Halloween candy! I don't think my stomach would be up for that. This just isn't fair.
Regardless, hope you had a fun weekend and a great Halloween. xx


  1. This might sound a little strange but I was wondering how you stay so thin and in-shape?

  2. That really sucks! But I think the "late" Halloween party sounds like a great idea!

  3. Hi Andrea,
    I'm very flattered!
    I wish I could tell you about some amazing diet/exercise plan I follow, but that's just not the case.

    I'm actually horrible at exercising regularly. I've never really enjoyed it and it's hard for me to stick with it. I also LOVE junk food, and I have a bad habit of binging on it from time to time. Portion control has never been my strong suit.

    I'll admit that I was blessed with a "skinny gene". I've always had a small frame and I don't seem to gain weight particularly easily. I used to get made fun of as a kid for being so short and well, just...little. Of course, this body type worked in my favor as I started to develop in my late-teen years. :)

    However, I can really tell my metabolism is slowing as I'm getting older, so I'm much more hyper aware now of what I might be doing to contribute to weight gain. I was never someone that had to think much about it, and suddenly I do, because I can see a difference. It's been a hard adjustment, honestly.

    I go through phases. There will be times where I can tell I've been eating really badly for too long (I'll feel sluggish and rundown), or I notice I'm looking a bit flabby and bloated, or I've gained a couple pounds. At that point, I'll usually do a "detox" type diet for a few days (maybe 3-5 days). I'll pretty much drink veggie juice for breakfast(Forget "detox" juices. I just buy good 'ol V8. And skip fruit juice, it's loaded with sugar), have a salad for lunch (Skip packaged dressing. Use lemon juice, or a mashed up avocado or hummus for a creamy texture), and then something like salmon and veggies for dinner. I also try to sip a lot of hot tea and water during this time.

    It's amazing how this kind of hits the "reset" button with me. Then, I start a "normal" healthy diet, which isn't quite as restrictive. I try to keep carbs and dairy to a minimum, if possible, but I have a very hard time cutting them completely. Once I'm eating a relatively normal, balanced diet again, I let myself splurge, but I try my best to exercise portion control. Honestly, I think that's really the way to go. It means you can't eat whatever you want, you just need to stay in control.

    But like I said, I have a junk food binge problem at times. ;) And honestly, everyone is different. You have to do what works for you, and what you respond well to. For example, some people are starving in the morning and drinking only a glass of V8 sounds like torture. But, I tend to not be very hungry when I wake up. So, either learn to have really good willpower (not something I've learned yet), or just find something that you can do.

    If I'm on a healthy eating kick, I will usually end up getting onto an exercise kick at the same time. It usually consists of doing intervals (walk/run) on the treadmill for 30 minutes 4-5 days a week. Sometimes I'll add in strength training every other day, like different types of ab moves, push ups, and lunges/squats. I tend to tone up pretty quickly, if I just push myself a bit and stick with it...until you feel that burn. But I let myself get lazy a lot. I probably need a trainer who will yell at me.

    I'll be really into exercising for a couple weeks, and then totally flake out on it. But maybe the back and forth at least keeps me somewhat balanced and evens out the times that I'm really bad.

    I don't claim to be an expert on any of this stuff (obviously), but I never mind answering questions.

    Sorry for the ramble!