Friday, October 28, 2011

Leather and lace

I must say, this has felt like a good week. And I'm so ready for the weekend to begin and Halloween festivities to follow. I feel like the fact that it's Halloween-week, plus the fact that Fall weather has made an appearance again, warrants me trying out some more daring stuff, fashion-wise. I love coming up with things to force myself out of a rut.
The other night, the doorman at a bar complimented my outfit. "Thanks", I said.
"Wait, that is an outfit, right?"
"Um, yes?"
I was confused. I later realized he might have meant a costume. Granted, the outfit did look a tad 1920s inspired, but still. I didn't think it looked like a all. But at least if you're wearing something strange around Halloween, people will just chalk it up to the time of year. Ha. I quite enjoy getting weird looks and double takes from people me, it means I've done something right.

Yesterday was basically a day off for me, so I threw on a new combination of clothing and headed out to enjoy the cloudy-cool day. I got some shopping done at Target and even ran into a couple friends while out and about. I also tried my first-ever soy latte, and was happy to find that I really enjoyed it.

Lace top and "leather" (fake) shorts, Forever 21. 
Black hooded sweater, Target. Wedges, Burlington Coat Factory. Tights, Halloween Express. 
Back view: I kinda love when it looks like the sweater is the only thing I'm wearing. Tee hee.

Sitting at the bar in the cafe after shopping. I love that my Target has a Starbucks!!  
Sunglasses, Burlington Coat Factory ($5.00!!)

I'm still totally in love with my new wedges. I can't get enough. I'll probably be horribly sick of them in a month from wearing them so much. Haha. But, we should all have at least one fashion love affair per season, don't you think?

Plus, I got a ton of double takes because of them yesterday. Score.

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