Thursday, October 27, 2011


The weather has turned colder, the high temperature dropping about 20 degrees from yesterday. I'm pretty neurotic about watching the weather, so I expected it. A perfect change right before Halloween weekend, I'd say. It's completely cloudy today as well, but it actually feels great outside (it's not bitterly cold, just comfortably cool), so maybe I will try to get out for a bit. I'm also looking forward to the coziness of my apartment and some of the left over sweet potato soup I made last night. Isn't it funny how the cold makes just staying inside, and avoiding the weather altogether, feel different...better, even?

I usually know when the Summer is really starting to become Fall, before there is really a noticeable change in temperatures, because my skin tells me. After my shower, I'll throw on my clothes like usual, and suddenly my back or my legs will get stingy and itchy with dryness. Not enjoyable, but as soon as I slather on some lotion, it goes away. It's become that time of year to start doing that as soon as I step out of the shower.
I like to change up some of my beauty products this time of year anyway, to go along with the season. I'm kind of in love with the two new body lotions I got this week (I couldn't decide between them, so I bought both) and a new fragrance (I tend to prefer body sprays to heavier perfumes. Plus, they are way cheaper, and you don't feel so bad if you get tired of it and decide to go for something new).

1. St Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter (This has a really nice, calming scent; you really get a hint of the oatmeal. But it wont overpower if you're wearing a compatible fragrance along with it.)

2. bodycology body spray in Enchanted Forest (perfect for Halloween, eh? Hints of jasmine and nutmeg. Very interesting musky scent for the colder months, with a hint of sweet. Fell in love with it immediately.)

3. Vaseline Cocoa Butter* (This has petroleum jelly in it too. It's a heavier lotion, great for elbows, legs, etc. I'll probably be using this one primarily for my after-shower body lotion, where the St. Ives is perfect for daily hand lotion - which I apply about 15 times a day.)  
*Vaseline also makes this in a gel/body oil form. I tested it out at the store and it was absolutely amazing. It made my skin feel super silky and full of moisture. It'd be a tad heavy for a hand lotion most of the time, but it'd be amazing for areas like your legs because it'd also make them look shiny. In the end, I settled for the lotion because the gel was twice as expensive. Maybe next time. The bottle looked really cool, too, because of the gold-colored, bubbly gel inside.

I've gotten to where I primarily buy my beauty products at Walgreens or H.E.B. (here in Texas), because they just seem to have a wider selection than my usual  ol' Walmart. I used to go there just because it was a bit cheaper, but the other places have broadened my horizons a bit.


  1. I've been using the Vaseline cocoa butter since I got pregnant - so far very minimal stench marks and I love the smell. My skin gets super dry this time of ear and it works great. Super cheap, too! Our target sells it for under $2

  2. STRETCH marks, that is.. Stupid iPhone.

  3. That's great. I'll have to check Target next time. I think it was about $2.50 at H.E.B. It was sort of an impulse purchase, I'm normally better at bargain shopping.

    And hey, if it can actually prevent stench marks, too, it's a win win.

  4. I totally agree! I'm in love with the Vaseline cocoa butter. I live in Indianapolis so I'm used to the cold. I was so happy they came out with a product that really helped people with dry skin!

  5. I love knowing what sort of products everyone uses, and what really works! So much more reliable than product suggestions you see in magazines, etc.

  6. Definitely and so much more budget friendly.