Friday, January 27, 2012

Lounging looks

Style-wise, I like those times where things just come together completely by accident and make you feel happy and glamorous all at once. I had one of those mornings. You know, where you're just convinced there should be a magazine photographer following you around? Haha. Ok, maybe not...regardless, here's the recipe:
- Men's dress shirt (honestly, even if you're a single gal right now, I wouldn't judge you for buying one for yourself as a sleep shirt. It's important to feel sexy even when no one else is around!)
- Messy-ass hair pile, on top of your head, secured with a clip
- Freshly brewed cup 'o joe

 Sorry for the rough, impromptu photos. And a rare glimpse of me without make up. 
See, this is why I need a personal magazine photographer.

(Can I be totally gag-worthy and say that my engagement ring shining-ly caught my eye today while I was holding my coffee mug and it also made me feel totally amazing?)

It's Friday, so you have time to incorporate this stuff into your weekend lounging look! Wishing you some effortless fabulous-ness! (Say that three times fast!)


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