Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stormy weather

So, we actually had a brief thunderstorm yesterday evening. It was wonderful. It gave the sky such an interesting light, right as the sun was going down. I loved smelling that rain smell for the first time in so long, and I didn't even mind that I got rained on as I came out of the grocery store, while picking up dinner. Normally, I only like rain when I can enjoy it from inside and absolutely DON'T have to go out in it. But, I think I may have danced in it yesterday, if it had lasted a little longer and rained a bit harder. It was lovely. And thunder and lightening is always a nice addition to a night in with my boyfriend, cuddled on the couch. :)

It did give me a taste of Fall, even though I know I'm getting ahead of myself way too quickly. It doesn't help that some of the blogs I'm reading are posting photos of little towns covered in snow and recipes for pumpkin bread pudding (Right?!!). I will definitely be attempting that recipe when the time's right.

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