Friday, September 9, 2011

Weird, pointless stuff

Remember those questionnaire things everyone used to fill out on MySpace all the time, to reveal quirky and little-known information about themselves? I was always kind of obsessed with those. Inspired by this post from Rumi from FashionToast (It's from 2008; I was looking at archives), I decided to pretend she had "tagged" little 'ol me to go next.

1. I like stale mini marshmallows better than fresh ones. I tend to purposely leave the bag open.

2. I have a girl crush on Geri Halliwell.

3. Lots of people have said I look like Julia Roberts (especially when I had red hair - my natural color). Since I went blonde, I tend to get Katee Sackoff.

4. I cried at the beginning of Finding Nemo when I first saw it in theaters.

5. I'm not really a big crier (normally).

6. I seriously don't think caffeine has any effect on me (I can quit it cold turkey for days and not notice a difference), but I drink coffee almost everyday because I adore it!

7. I'm not a big soda drinker, but there are two times when it's a must: Pizza. Taco Bell.

8. I've only recently learned to embrace the color pink.

9. I feel really self conscious when I remember that people actually read my blog, especially during the few times someone I never expected to even know about it, let alone read it, has come up to me in person and started talking to me about one of my entries. Yet...I still only have 10 actual "subscribers". Let's get it together, people. I know there are more of you. :P

10. I hate cats. And animal segments on talk shows.

11. I think every girl should have: a sexy little dress that she can just throw on and feel amazing in. A pair of jeans that she can just throw on and feel amazing in. And a signature cocktail to relax and decompress with on those extra rough days.

12. Twelve is my lucky number.

Now you're tagged. Comment with your own list!

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  1. hey i learn something new about you everyday :P good stuff to read!