Friday, July 15, 2011


 I'm actually beginning to feel a bit excited about the idea of not having anywhere to go for a few months (vacation-wise, that is). I'm really loving spending quality time at my apartment, especially since it's been fixed up to look so much nicer recently. I'm feeling eager to enjoy some cooking, movie nights, having friends over, and maybe planning some summer-themed gatherings.
I love that hour or so before my boyfriend gets home from work, and I know we don't have any real plans for the night but to stay in, and I can spend that time casually getting dinner ready while sipping some wine. Sometimes I'll put on a chill Pandora station (I love David Gray) or some Sex and the City episodes to cook by. It's so therapeutic!

I'm liking the idea of doing a uniquely-themed potluck at some point, such as "bring your favorite fruit or cheese, and a bottle of wine" or "bring your favorite summer beer" for a little tasting party. A while back, I had the idea to do a brunch potluck, where everyone brings their favorite breakfast foods. I can't even imagine the variety of delicious things everyone would get to try. One person's breakfast staple might be something indulgent or brand new to someone else. Plus, potlucks can really take the stress out of throwing a party and having to plan and prepare (and buy!) all the "menu" items.

Now I just have to get around to actually scheduling one of these and inviting people! Sometimes I just get lazy. Do you have any good ideas for summer potluck parties? I'd love to hear them!

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