Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Treats

 I am now the proud owner of red wine glasses and martini glasses from IKEA. I don't mind drinking cheap alcohol, but for some reason, I'm picky about the type of glass it's served in (I hate when I order a martini at a bar and they say "we're out of martini glasses" as they hand you your Appletini in a rocks glass, or worse, a plastic cup. Ack!! Half of the fun of drinking martinis is holding the snazzy glass! Am I right?). So, now I have a variety of glasses to add to the regular wine glasses, champagne flutes, and one martini glass I already had. Makes me wanna have a little dinner party!

 Love the frosted design on the martini glasses.

It was another fun weekend for the record books. Friday night, Steve and I stayed in with Chinese delivery, a bottle of wine, and a homemade dessert, which I picked up ingredients for earlier that day: a scoop of still-frozen Cool Whip (the taste and texture when it's frozen is similar to ice cream, but each serving is only 25 calories!) topped with fresh raspberries, drizzled with honey.

Saturday afternoon, we went to a cookout/potluck some friends were hosting. Their house was super cute, and I couldn't help picking up some decorating ideas! I sipped on Mike's Hard Limeade (Steve brought a bottle of the new Southern Comfort pre-mixed "sweet tea" - not bad!), snacked on spinach dip and pita chips and delicious cranberry walnut cookies before we all dug into the giant grilled hamburgers and fresh pasta salad. I think I ate enough for the whole week! All in all, it was a really nice afternoon. It was fun to get to socialize with some friends who we only tend to see at the flag football or soccer games.
We had to drag ourselves away to make it downtown for a live music gig that evening. I'm a big fan of Language Room, a band based here in Austin, so I try to see them whenever they play. We arrived at Threadgill's restaurant and bar (Steve told me this is a place that Janis Joplin used to play at a lot) just before Language Room took the stage. They have a nice outdoor area with its own bar, a stage, and places to sit. It was a really nice atmosphere (like a summer garden party), and the music was great, as always! Not quite ready to go home yet, we stopped off at our favorite karaoke bar afterward, so we could sing a few songs ourselves!

I groggily stumbled out of bed Sunday morning, took the dog out and did a little straightening up around the apartment before getting bored and deciding to pounce on Steve and wake him up. We made some much need coffee, and Steve decided we should go to the outlet malls, and maybe pick up a little something special (dream boyfriend? I think so.).
It was a super hot afternoon, so Frappuccinos from Starbucks made walking around the outdoor mall a lot more bearable. Steve bought me a cute black corset-like top from the Charlotte Russe outlet, before we headed to nearby IKEA. Starving by this time, we grabbed a late lunch at their cafe' and had a look around, which led to the purchase of the glasses above and a beautiful, large mirror for the dining room, which I've been wanting to get for a while (photos to come this week).
But we weren't done yet! We stopped at Target on the way home, and had fun browsing around there, too. We had been talking about picking up tennis, since our apartment complex has courts (I haven't played in years, but used to be pretty decent as a kid), so we picked up rackets for the both of us and plenty of tennis balls. I'm excited about playing! I figure it will be a fun way to stay and shape, and something we can do together (and with friends!).
I also found a perfect black blazer (Mossimo brand), which I'd been on the lookout for. The Isaac Mizrahi one I had (also from Target) is finally starting to look worn out (after 3 years!). I love having a great blazer in the fall to put over a casual t-shirt, with jeans and heels. It's also perfect to wear for auditions or interviews with something a bit more sophisticated, like a pencil skirt, over a colorful tank top.
We picked up a few other fun items and headed home to veg out for the remainder of the weekend. I think we got home at about 9pm!

 Key lime cupcakes from Target's bakery. Oh so good...and adorable!

Me in my new robe and matching shorts from Target (and a cupcake!) on what I like to call, my "girl throne".

Kinda love the fact that this is my view most nights while blogging or surfing the internet before bed. What can I say? He's a pretty good foot rest. :)

How was your weekend??

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