Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fashion Folder

I love fashion, hair, and make-up. It's sort of a hobby of mine, so I love to constantly change my look (maybe it's the actor in me) and experiment with new things. It's a creative outlet for me. When I'm really feeling the need for some fresh ideas, I'll usually do a Google image search for celebrities whose style I appreciate. Victoria Beckham or Gwen Stefani are common women for me to search, depending on what mood I'm in. Occasionally, I'll just search something like "70s fashion", "Fall fashion", or "vintage models" to get something unexpected. If I know a specific look I'm going for, but want examples, I'll search something like "hot pink punk style". It's amazing the cool stuff you can come up with! These images can give you great inspiration in how to use clothing you already have in a brand new way, which is extremely important for us budget-concious gals.

Other style icons I occasionally look to for inspiration are Rachel Zoe, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Michelle Williams (just recently...I love her new, edgier look, especially her new super-blonde short hair!), Kate Winslet, Pink, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Taylor Momsen, Tori Spelling, Geri Halliwell, Lady Gaga, Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen, Bridget Bardot (timelessly sexy), and more. Not all of these people reflect my exact personal style, but the important thing is to look at people who can help you branch out and get ideas, whether it's for hair, make-up, or how to dress.

When I'm browsing through the web and I find something I really like, I want to be able to reference it whenever the mood strikes. I've had a "fashion folder" on my computer for a long time, and I put any "looks" I really like in there. At this point, I have quite a collection, so I am able to flip through the photos whenever I feel like I'm in a rut, or looking for an idea before a night out. It's great!

Here are some of my favorites right now:

My Gwen. Such a fun look. I can 't wait to try something similar when the weather gets warm.

 I got this photo by searching "Fall fashion". I especially love the look on the far right.

 Excellent example of layering (as mentioned in an earlier post).

 So fun. For the right occasion, this is actually something I would try. I already own a hot pink wig (actually, I own several wigs - a perfect way to totally change your look!)

Ashley Olsen. Love this pretty/sophsticated make-up.

 Not Lady Gaga's typical look (yes, that's her), but I love it. This would be a really sexy-comfy look for Summer.

Love. What else can I say?

 Edgy-sophisticated, with sultry dark red lips.

Love this look. It makes me miss my red hair, but the contrast of the white lacey top paired with the firey hair and almost goth-like makeup is brilliant. In fashion, contrast is everything. It's my number one rule!

Share some of your favorite fashion ideas with me and tell me who inspires you!

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