Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First real post

To start things off, I'm gonna share some of my current obsessions. Since this is the beginning of my blog, it's important to know where I stand on the important things, right? I'll try and update my "currents" periodically. ;)

My current...

...favorite clothing: My new dark grey skinny jeans, which I got from Target for $19.99. Sleek, yet a tad rock 'n roll. They were such a find. My black suede thigh high boots, which my boyfriend bought me recently, are a very close second.

...go-to Starbucks order: Grande non-fat latte' with an extra shot. I add one packet of Splenda. Delish.

...music: The Verve - Urban Hyms (1997). Driving around listening to this CD just makes you feel cool. And who doesn't feel immediately inspired when those strings begin to play in "Bittersweet Symphony"?

...fashion obession: oversized T-shirts (usually paired with sleek shorts, leggings, and big heels). Also, big or sparkley rings. I've become quite a fashion nut, so please bear with me. It will be a large part of this blog. For me, it's an art, and what I consider to be a hobby of mine.

In LOVE with these heels (Christmas gift from my boyfriend)

...food obsession: Ginger pudding, which I tried at a Sushi place called Zen last week. Creamy heaven in a bowl, people. I highly recommend it. Actually, you're probably better off not ever tasting it, because dessert in moderation is key, and this stuff does not make it easy.

...favorite blog: Cupcakes and Cashmere. This is one of the type of blogs I referred to in the previous post. Just puts you in a good mood. The girl who writes it (Emily) is very cute, very cool, and sets an example for the kind of life I'd love to be leading myself!

What are some of your "currents"?

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  1. current TV series obsessions: Survivors on BBC & Dollhouse. Both of which are canceled and I watched on Netflix. Thanks, TV moguls.