Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy January

Usually once the holidays are over, I am fully ready for Spring to begin. What's the point in this cold, dreary weather if there aren't pumpkin pies to be eaten or presents to give (and recieve)? But lately, I've decided to embrace the last couple months of Winter, and it's actually been very nice. Granted, it doesn't get horribly cold here in Texas, but we've had our share of uncomfortable days lately. Last week, we had about 7 days in a row of thick, grey clouds (though not much rain) with temperatures in the low 50s. It was a true pleasure to finally see the sun again this week, and usually, I like overcast days better.

I've been trying to remember to light candles around my apartment more often lately to create a cozy atmosphere. I really want to stock up on some more! They are such an easy way to decorate. My boyfriend invested in a slow-cooker last week, and has had quite a time inventing recipes and cooking us up some really yummy, wintery dinners. Of course, I'm the one having to smell the food most of the day while he's at work, so by the time he gets home, I'm STARVING!

Beef stew in a sourdough bread bowl

The first day with our slow-cooker, Steve made a beef stew with plenty of carrots and mushrooms (our fave!). It had given my apartment a perfect aroma by the time Steve showed up after work...with his arms full of fire wood! We enjoyed having the first fire since I moved in and curled up on the couch for dinner. Spring feels much further from my mind on nights like that.

Our second slow-cooker mealChili and Cornbread

Do you have a favorite winter-time recipe or tradition for staying cozy?

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  1. You're making me so jealous! It sounds very cozy there. :) It makes me really excited to get into a new apartment and decorate! I like my place ok right now, but it doesn't really feel like "mine."