Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Accents

I love the idea of having accents throughout the home that you can switch out according to the seasons (or even just your mood!). While I haven't yet begun the apartment makeover I'm planning, I wanted to go ahead and indulge in a few Spring-like items to spruce up the atmosphere a bit. It's amazing how just a few simple things can really make a change and perk things up!

Real flowers are great, but these fake ones last longer and will even be reusable next Spring! I picked these up from Target and put them in a vase I already owned. I used to have a center piece (it broke recently), that included these small stones, so I recycled them by pouring them into the bottom of the vase. It looks pretty, but also helps keep the flowers in place. This new center piece has proven to be such a bright addition to my dining room table. I really love it.

 All the candles I currently had out were wintery scents and in dark, deep colors. Beautiful, yes, but not very Spring-inspired. These ($6 at Target) are lemon (love!) and green clover scented. I love the cheery pops of color they put into my living room!

 I thought it was time to update my scent as well. I usually wear body sprays in place of actual perfumes, as they feel fresher and lighter. Not to mention, they are much, much cheaper. I keep a heavier, more "legit" fragrance around for special nights out, but for everyday, I love just having a quick spritz of a light scent. This White Gardenia mist from bodycology smells amazing, with just a hint of sweetness (almost like honeysuckle). I feel brand new when I put it on! If you're craving a quick makeover, go pick up a new fragrance; you'll be amazed! I also picked this up at Target. $4!

What do you do to keep your home updated and interesting? Share your ideas; I'd love to get some more inspiration! xx

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