Friday, April 29, 2011

Decorating on the brain

Makeovers seem to be a running theme around here lately. I've been making some subtle changes to my apartment to hold me over until I can begin my full (yet somewhat gradual, so not to break the budget!) redecorating job. Once the transition is made from my female-roommate, to my boyfriend officially moving in next month (exciting!), some of the fun can begin! Until now, I've been making the place look as nice as possible, pretty much just using what I've got! It's been a fun challenge.
Here are some photos from those recent endeavors, which will give you an idea of what I'm currently doing with the place. These will also serve as "before" pictures, once I am able to showcase my "after" ones!

Living Room:

I recently added the comfy throw blanket on the sofa, bright colored candles on the coffee table, and a furry, white throw over the temporary extra chair. Honestly, just using the awesome vacuum cleaner I got for Christmas kinda makes this room feel like new!
Goals: I'd like to find a good place to use the furry throw as a rug instead. It's great for adding texture to a room. The couch will soon be replaced (the current one has a comforter over it to cover the unattractive, dark, floral pattern underneath!), a small shelf/side table to replace the large, stacked boxes I have a blanket draped over in the corner (I am oddly resourceful, I'll say that), and an armchair. No more folding chairs so people have somewhere to sit! Eesh! The artwork will also be replaced with something very large over the sofa and something new over the fireplace, because I've had that painting forever and I simply need an update.

 Here's my current mantel, which I look forward to sprucing up a bit. Although, I don't think it's too bad right now. I love using pretty drink bottles as flower vases (like these Arizona Tea bottles here). My degree will most certainly be moved into my work area, and hopefully framed.


I recently moved these two pictures over the bed. They used to be on the side wall to the left, where I moved a photo of Marilyn Monroe into sort of a makeshift frame. Not pictured, I began the de-cluttering process and cleared out a bunch of work stuff (boxes and other materials) that I no longer have any need for. It makes the room look much more open.
Goals: New bedding (hopefully something light for spring, and something with deep colors to switch out for winter), more artwork, and accent pieces with some color. But mainly: get rid of the clutter and move anything work-related to our future guest room/home office!! I really want the bedroom to be a serene, clean place where I can relax and de-stress.

Dining Room:

I kind of like my dining room as-is. It's a little bit bohemian with the rickety purple table and mismatched chairs, but I kinda love it. I also adore my little wicker shelf in the corner, which I bought years ago at a thrift store for $15. It's the one piece of furniture I've kept with me since college.
Goals: To add some more artwork, possibly a mirror to reflect light from the patio doors on the opposite wall, and maybe the addition of a more substantial mini-bar. I've seen some really cute ones done on old fashioned tea carts!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas! What have you done to make your house (or apartment) a home? What would you like to do?

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  1. Nice pictures! I think the goals all sound good!

    I'm hoping to splurge a little on a few more artwork pieces for my apt, and then I'm finally going to post some pictures!