Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Style

How was your weekend? I enjoyed a low-key couple of days, with some shopping on Saturday and lounging on Sunday.
I was hoping to find a new sundress (or two!), but had no such luck finding anything that had patterns or colors I really liked and/or a style that looked right on me. I am still keeping my eyes open. Have you come across any good ones lately? Let me know where, so I can check them out!

Old Navy was advertising sundresses for only $15, and while I've never been a huge fan of their clothing (for me personally), I decided to have a look. As I mentioned before, no luck, but I did find a cute (and very soft!) blue and white scarf, which I thought would be really cute worn in my hair (see my inspiration here). It's long enough that the ends hang way down. I also can't wait to use it as a neck scarf to easily dress up a simple summer outfit.

Tell me about your weekend, a have a happy Monday! xx

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