Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, it's been sort of a long couple of days. Recovering from a vacation (last weekend's camping trip) is always a challenge, but on top of that, there's been some not-so-fun grown up stuff to deal with. Everything is pretty much back on track, but never-the-less, it felt amazing to squeeze in a little "me" time yesterday evening. My favorite staples? Mani/pedi (much needed after two days outdoors!), chilled wine, candles, and Sex and the City episodes (an absolute must!).

 Let's get this party started.

 Perfect name for the wine, don't you think?

 Made a delicious dinner - Swiss and mushroom burger on ciabatta bread with sweet potato fries.

I felt much more relaxed afterwards, sitting in bed blogging last night, with my boyfriend by my side. Slipping on something comfy, taking some time for the simple things you really enjoy, and deep breaths can go a long way.
Tell me about your favorite ways to de-stress!

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