Thursday, April 28, 2011

Miss Scarlet

It's not often that I wear red lipstick. For some reason, I just never felt like it looked right on me. But with trying to change my look a bit recently, I decided to give it a try the other afternoon. I was feeling a bit "blah", and wanted to slap on some bright lipstick and sunglasses to wear on the grocery shopping trip that I was dragging myself to go do. I felt kinda glamorous and even a bit rock star, if I do say so myself! Maybe it's the new darker eyebrows, my extra-blonde hair, or just a more open mind, but I felt like the look worked this time.

Bright lip = brighter mood?

 The red added a nice pop of color with my almost completely black outfit.
 I kept my eye makeup super light (I used only a shimmery beige shadow and black mascara), 
which is something else I rarely do, but have been enjoying lately.

A cute look with no fuss. I added my gold aviators and headed out the door! Muah!

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