Monday, April 25, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend!

Mine was relaxing, yet filled with plenty of activities, including a potluck get together on Saturday afternoon, and a night out at the karaoke bar for my best girl friend's send off to Australia (she's moving there next week!).

I also decided to try my hand at making raspberry-pear martinis, complete with a Marshmallow Peep garnish (like I posted about here). I did a little research for fruity martini recipes, and thought raspberry-pear sounded unique and perfect for a Spring holiday weekend. I took the basic ideas from some recipes I found, but in the end, I kind of did my own thing with it. All this stuff especially came in handy during the impromptu little get together we had at my apartment on Sunday night!
I combined 1 shot of pear liqueur, 1 shot raspberry flavored rum, and 3 shots of 7up into a shaker (filled halfway with ice, shake until a bit frothy), and then strained it into a chilled martini glass. Add your bunny, and you're all set!

They came out quite good, although very sweet (I tend to go for a more tart drink). The challenge is keeping them super cold, because I think that cuts the sweetness a bit. If I make these again soon, I think I'll add pear slices for a garnish, and maybe put a few raspberries in the bottom of the glass. That would be super pretty, right?!

It was a pretty hot and humid weekend, so it was perfect for low key get-togethers and cold drinks.
It was also a great weekend to debut my new white, knit, mini dress, which I had been excited to wear since buying it at Forever 21 last week. Its crochet-like pattern makes it sheer, so it's great to layer over a brightly colored bra and leggings for a little edge, or a white tank top, cut-off denim shorts, and sandals for something more casual. I felt cool and comfortable in the hot weather, from the potluck to the karaoke bar, while still feeling totally put-together. A worthwhile purchase, if I do say so myself!

 Day ---> Night
Why so serious? Remind me to smile more next time!

I'm definitely a bit worn out this Monday!

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  1. The martini looks and sounds good! And I love the mini dress!