Monday, April 4, 2011

Coffee Date

For some reason, there's just something about coffee and fashion that goes together.
How fun is it to meet up with a close girl friend to catch up on each other's lives and gossip a bit; all while enjoying a latte', and wearing something that looks effortlessly cute and casual?

This sort of thing always puts me in a good mood, and I highly suggest such an outing, especially if you're feeling bored or restless with your daily grind (no pun intended). Call up a friend and meet up for coffee and a chat this week - even if it's only for an hour! Almost anyone can squeeze that into their schedule. Sometimes it's really nice just to have an excuse to wear something cute and shoot the breeze for a while.

So go for it! Pretend you're in France, pretend your a celebrity, pretend you don't have a care in the world (aside from what flavor latte' you want), and go! Call someone you know you can confide in, and get out of your head. Life's what you make of it. Coffee + fashion is a fun place to start.

Here's some inspiration:

This makes me happy

Ah, celebs and their coffee. I love Hilary Duff's and Ashley Olsen's style here. A good example of that "effortlessly cute" look I mentioned above.

 I don't recommend literally following Naomi Watts' lead at a cafe', but we're going for a mood here!

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