Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home again, home again

This past week has been quite a whirlwind! My boyfriend and I flew to Las Vegas last Wednesday evening, and after some small hiccups (a delayed flight, screaming babies, runway problems once we finally landed, which had us sitting in the plane for another 20 minutes, and a shuttle to our hotel which took much too long to arrive), we made it to our lovely apartment-like, one bedroom suite just off The Strip.

The whole trip was amazing, and it would be difficult to write it all down here. But here are some highlights:


 Our first stop was Mr. Lucky's 24/7 at the Hard Rock Casino. Open 24 hours (perfect, since we got into town on the late side), they offer a steak and shrimp dinner, complete with mashed potatoes and a salad for just $7.77. It's a secret kept off the menu, so be sure to request it if you ever find yourself there. It was absolutely delicious!

Our second night, we enjoyed a romantic dinner at "Mon Ami Gabi" in the Paris hotel. We started with a bottle of their own pinot noir and worked our way to the amazing scallops and asparagus, and sirloin steak and "frites" (thinly sliced strips of fried potatoes). We finished the meal by sharing some creme brulee' for dessert. Afterwards, we headed out to watch the fountains in front of the Bellagio hotel. A beautiful evening all around!


Between the airports and the Vegas Strip, people-watching was like a sport! I saw some really great looks and style ideas, and I was happy to do my part by debuting a few new outfits (see first two photos), as well as bringing out some old favorites that were perfect for Vegas, such as this pinstripe jumpsuit above.


 Rum and grapefruit juice was my drink of choice most of the time. All the bars in Vegas seem to use fresh fruit juice (not easy to find in Texas. If they have it at all, it's some flavored liquid that comes out of the soda gun). So refreshing!

 Spending time at the resort's pool.

Bubble baths with champagne (I love to add cherries!).

 Drinks and cigars at the Baccarat, a sophisticated little bar in the Bellagio.

Playing slots...in moderation. I had to try the Sex and the City one!

Just having a few days to bond with my boyfriend in a totally different setting, and showing him a place he'd never been before was really what it was all about.
We got home late Saturday evening, and I pretty much spent Sunday sleeping off the effects of the vacation (which included a ton of walking! Sore feet - even in flats!). I was thankful that Steve and I had Sunday and Monday off (Memorial Day). It was like we still got a full weekend to enjoy, even after our trip.

Memorial Day was great, but not low key by any means. I spent the day shooting a new film I'm in, where I play the title character. The day was spent in a car in a hot garage (green screen shots) or outside at a park (beautiful, but windy, dusty, and humid), so by the time I got home, I was beat! However, the shoot is going well so far and I'm working with very fun and talented people!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and are adjusting back to real life on this Tuesday! xx


  1. I love the dress in the first picture. You look really good!

  2. dude im totally diggin the long hair and that outfit youre wearing in one of the last pics... u look hott mama!! glad u guys had fun in vegas! im not dying on this earth without going to vegas with u one day btw!