Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May showers

With this suddenly cold weather sweeping in (it seriously feels like Winter again all of a sudden), has come some terrible allergies. Groggy and congested, I've decided to enjoy the comfort of my cozy throw-blanket, sip some hot tea, and catch up on some of my TV shows.

Identical to my breakfast this morning, minus this cute tea set and pretty little dish!

I had a very productive day yesterday with work and getting some errands done, so I don't feel too bad taking it a little easy today.

Today is still going to be slightly cooler than what we've been used to here, but at least the sun has come out. Yesterday was just plain dreary, rainy, and cold. Tomorrow we're supposed to be back to normal. This was just enough of a taste of winter to enjoy some comfort foods, one last fire in the fireplace, and plenty of cuddling with my boyfriend.

Did Winter suddenly make an appearance where you are, or are you still enjoying Spring? Hope you're having a good week, either way! xx

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