Monday, May 16, 2011

What a rush

What an amazing weekend it was!
My boyfriend and I woke up Saturday morning, and we put on the Manchester United football (soccer) game while I cooked an English inspired breakfast for the two of us. After that, we were off on our first official shopping trip for the new apartment (I feel like I've done SO much browsing and planning at this point, that it felt amazing to actually be buying stuff!). As you can imagine, these things always take longer than you expect, and it's hard not to dawdle and spend too much time browsing things you didn't come there for! But we stayed on budget and got the items we had planned - a couch cover from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, pillows from Target, and an entertainment center from IKEA. I'll be posting some photos in a future post, with more detail on what we got.

 "English inspired" morning fuel: Fried eggs on English muffins, sausages (or "bangers" as the Brits say), bacon, tomato slices, and hot black tea with honey and milk.

I rushed off in the nick of time to a read through for a new film I'm in, while Steve went and picked out our new TV (a 47" flat screen!). We met back at the apartment at about 10:00pm and threw ourselves into setting everything up (which included moving my very large, very heavy former TV and its stand into the guest room, and putting the entire new entertainment center together). By about 3:00am, everything was done and cleaned up, and the place looked awesome. I was so happy; Steve and I had such a blast doing it all together. It really was a fun time and sort of a bonding experience, especially knowing we were putting our place together. At 4:30am I fell finally into bed, completely exhausted.

 I love the little cafe at IKEA, with Swedish foods and cafeteria staples at such a reasonable price. We stopped for a quick dinner during our shopping trip. I love the Lingonberry soda, as well!

It was lovely walking out into the living room Sunday morning (ok, afternoon...we were up all night) and seeing all the new stuff (I shouted, "it wasn't a dream!". Haha). We made some tea (I think we're both liking the switch from our usual coffee!), put on a movie, and enjoyed the "new" room.
Sunday night, we went to a bar downtown for a friend's birthday gathering. It was such a fun night. I'm still on a high from the whole weekend, which will hopefully take me through this Monday and allow me to be productive!

How was your weekend??

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