Friday, May 13, 2011

Sharing some coolness

 Want something a little different this morning?

I love this new take on making iced coffee at home, which I found on an adorable blog called Path to Positive (click for the blog's coffee recipe!). This blog is just getting started, so go show it some love!

I will definitely be using Kelly's idea this week. Sometimes iced coffee really hits the spot on these warm Texas mornings. It's usually that iced craving that drags me out to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks and causes me to spend far too much money on just one drink. Maybe this new idea will hold me over some of the time. I suppose you could also put all the ingredients in a blender to create your own "Frappucino". And one tip: I like to brew my coffee extra strong whenever I plan on having it iced at home.

How do you like your coffee on a spring morning??

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