Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Autumn Essentials

 My Fashion Wish List for Fall:

- Tan trench coat
(I already have a semi-decent black one, which I found for $12 at a thrift store. It's more a light, raincoat material, so I'd like to get one in a different color that is more heavy-duty.)

- Top hat
(I wanted one so badly last year, and never picked one up before they weren't on the shelves anymore. This is my year!)

- Leg warmers
(Ok, I should say, more leg warmers. I need some thigh high ones, especially. Great to pair with short skirts, over tights or leggings for extra cold days.)

- Huge, oversized sweatshirts and sweaters
(Fun to contrast with a girly mini-skirt, sleek skinny jeans and heels, or my black leather shorts.)

- Sweater dress
(Preferably off-white and long sleeved. A bit 1960s. I've been searching for the perfect one. Tried one on at Forever 21 recently, but it just didn't look quite right.)

What cold-weather items are you already pining for? Let's compare lists and then go shopping. ;)

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