Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Falling Slowly

 Ohh yes.

So lately, it seems like all the wonderfully-strange outfit ideas that have been popping up in my mind are Fall ensembles (usually involving leggings, boots, and other creative layering, with my new-ish leather jacket on top, which I think I only wore once before the weather got warm).
It makes me feel impatient, but also excited for the season to start changing so I can put all these ideas into action. I've also been craving warm comfort foods, walking around the apartment with a fleece blanket wrapped around me, cozy knee socks, and yes, even Christmas trees. This year, I think I am even going to take the plunge into some creative Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking/baking.*gasp*

Ok. It's August 2nd. And I live in Texas. I better get a grip for a while.


  1. Haha, not exactly. FINALLY around the end of October it will get cloudy and pretty cold until about February. No real period of Autumn, with crisp air and changing leaves, which I miss terribly. That's always been my favorite season.

    Then in about March, we get a tiny taste of spring before the crazy heat sets in. ;) Fun stuff.