Thursday, August 11, 2011

Project Paint

This past weekend, we finally got around to painting the accent wall in the living room, which we'd been talking about forever.
When Steve first mentioned the idea (yes, I have a boyfriend who actually gives a care about how the apartment looks and even comes up with fun ideas), I immediately pictured a calming, yet strong, dusty blue color. We picked up color samples one night and spent a good amount of time holding them up to the wall, looking at them in the day time and night time, and discussing which shades we liked best. It became clear pretty quickly, that with all the other blue we had in the room by this time, that a blue wall was just not the way to go. I've never wanted the room to look too matchy-matchy, and we really wanted this accent wall to be a true accent. A paint epiphany hit me. "Um. You know...I think we need to go green", I said, with a slight lump in my throat, as Steve had expressed his dislike of certain greens the other night while we were picking out blue paint cards. To my surprise, he agreed! A few nights later, we went and added some green color samples to our collection of paint cards, most of them being sort of a bright, minty green. After much calculating and discussion (and a few glasses of wine), we settled on "First Green Season" by Colorplace.

Since I'm one of the most clumsy people that ever lived, I was pretty ok with letting Steve do most of the work. My one attempt at helping turned into me smearing paint onto the edge of the adjoining wall (which was not to be painted). Oops. I gave up at that point. Thank goodness for water-based paint. ;) Steve did such a great job, and it was only later that he confessed how nervous he was that he was going to mess something up.

Dawson spent most of the afternoon crying (even with a treat in his mouth), because he was blocked from the living room with chairs. Haha.

The finished product:

 I highly suggest that you go pick up this white, "Fresh Cotton" scented candle (the one that's lit) from Walmart (only $3.00!) before Summer is over. It smells amazing, and it's not too sweet or too strong. We love it!
 I don't think I ever showed off my new bird pillow from Target, and this is my brand new summer fedora (Sasha, on sale for $6.99). Love!!

Ok, so what do you think of our new paint job? Even if you think it's hideous, I'd love to hear your opinions! Our next step is to finally get some art up on that wall. I can't wait!


  1. It looks really good! Great job!

  2. PS: It must be so nice to be in a place that you're planning to stay in long enough to paint! I'm definitely getting very sick of plain white walls around here! You guys definitely have made your place look like a home!

  3. Yeah, we actually opted for a 15 month lease back in June when it was up, so it does feel kind of nice to know we can settle in a little bit. It will make it more sad to leave this place when we finally decide to, though!

    The painting was very quick to do, and not expensive (it was like $45 to get all the supplies AND the paint).