Friday, August 19, 2011

Let's chat

 I do so much better when I'm keeping busy. Lately, while seeing friends more often, auditioning, and just knowing I have a couple modeling and acting projects coming up soon, I feel a bit rejuvenated.

I've never been one of those people to use "daily planners" and jot down appointments and such in some calendar book, but yesterday I actually took the initiative to program some upcoming meetings/shoots/rehearsals in the calendar on my smart phone (or dumbass phone, as I more commonly call it. I'm sorry, but I hate Droids with a passion). This is something I would never normally do, but it was getting really hard to keep all the dates straight while trying to book further auditions. But, I got very confused when I heard it beeping some sound at me that I'd never heard before. It took Steve and I a few times to figure out where the sound was even coming from, but when I looked at the phone, it was reminding me of one of my upcoming calendar events. Um, no thank you. I don't need you beeping at me every time you think I've forgotten an appointment. I just want the dates stored, so I can refer to them and make sure I don't double book an audition or something. Yeah, um, "Cancel". This is why I don't usually waste my time with this stuff. I might be doomed to never be organized and keep way too much information swirling around in the front of my brain. I guess it's worked for me so far. I always have my trusty handwritten to-do lists to fall back on.

Ok, that was a total rambling rant. Moving on...

Anyway, yesterday was a busy day. Well, not exactly "busy", but I was out of the house all day, came home for about an hour, and then was out again until about 11:30pm. That always kind of drains me, even though I love having no risk of becoming stir crazy around the apartment. I had fun over at my friend Sally's, discussing some of her new business ventures (possible opportunities for me) and enjoying some of her all-organic homemade treats like chai lattes, and split pea soup for lunch. We squeezed in a little gossip and bad-reality-TV viewing, too.

Steve and I decided to grab dinner and a beer at Black Star Pub, a local co-op brewery. In addition to a unique selection of beers, they have a really interesting food menu, with lots of local ingredients. Just about every time I'm there I have to get the Circle Blur Texas hefeweizen. It is so good. I got the chicken salad sandwich to eat (I added avocado. Yum.). Quite good, but I still think my favorite is the grilled cheese with cheddar and gouda or the fried egg sandwich with tomato and arugula. Next time, I've sworn to myself that I'll get their snack plate with choices of different meats and Texas cheeses.
I actually felt like I didn't completely overeat as we walked out of Black Star (I'm always proud when that happens), but then Steve sneakily took me to Amy's Ice cream where I had a scoop of coffee ice cream and a scoop of "White Lightening" (white chocolate/rum). So, you can imagine how I felt after that. I already had it planned out: if some stranger asks what I'm expecting, "a boy or a girl?", I'll say "an ice cream cone".

On totally random (and happy) note, I somehow managed to wear both my diamond-ish tiara and my brand new black blazer (yay for cold restaurants) at one time or another yesterday evening. :)

So how did everyone fare this week? I hope you have fun plans for the weekend, even if that means just vegging on the couch and not doing anything. Steve and I are planning on taking it easy tonight and just watching a couple movies, because we'll be out and about a lot this weekend for various parties and BBQs.

Also, how do you keep everything balanced when you have tons going on??

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