Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Routines

 I feel totally beat up from my kickboxing workout yesterday evening (isn't it the bag that's supposed to feel that way?), but it kind of feels amazing at the same time. I'm on my way to some serious toning, I think (hope)!
I've gotten on a sleep schedule where I'm waking up about the same time Steve does to get ready for work, which is nice. Today, he blasted some music while we did our morning routines; he got ready and I took the dog out and made coffee. I need to remember to put music on more often when I wake up and do the little things I do to feel human again (face washing, teeth brushing, and of course, making my first cup 'o coffee). It gives the morning a whole new atmosphere and makes me feel energized. Steve's gone, but I'm continuing the change of routine with some Pandora. I decided to try some stations I wouldn't usually think of, all with upbeat music, to broaden my horizons a bit and keep that "new" atmosphere going.Woo!

This has actually been a really great week. On Tuesday, my girl Kady and I went up to Georgetown and spent the afternoon looking at the shops on their historic downtown square (antique and second hand stores mostly) and grabbed lunch at a quaint little tea room, where I had chilled cucumber soup - SO good. Add some fresh raspberry iced tea and half a chicken salad sandwich, and you get the whole little Texas town experience. Loved it. I have resolved to go back another time and spend some time at the winery there, which we just stopped into for a brief look. Very cool place. Wine tastings, here we come. Next time, for sure. This time, however, I brought back a great casual dress from Express (second hand, $13) and a love-at-first-sight Norman Rockwell print from a little art gallery, which depicts a Hollywood-looking movie star (she doesn't look unlike someone we all know...?) surrounded by reporters (with matting, but no frame, $25). It's a perfect vintage touch for the apartment. I just need to find the perfect place to put it and buy a frame (I like to look for interesting/inexpensive ones at thrift stores).

Lunch at Laurie's Tea Room. I'm cursing myself for not taking more photos while I was out and about in Georgetown.

Currently, I just have the print leaning on top of my little side table by the couch.

The weekend promises to keep me busy as well. I have an audition Saturday and a film shoot Sunday evening. Tell me about your week!

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  1. Tuesday was so fun!!! but way too hot. Cant wait to go back around Christmas time when its all Christmasy there! Next Stop: Wimberly!!