Monday, August 29, 2011

Let it be

The weekend seemed to go by quicker than usual, but I managed to squeeze in some workout time (in 110 degree heat. Yay Texas.), a film shoot late Sunday night, and an evening out with Steve on Saturday to one of our favorite sports bars, Bone Daddy's. Despite the name and the Hooter's-like waitstaff (complete with red crop tops and tiny black shorts - way cooler than a Hooter's uniform, if you ask me.), this place has seriously good food and it's close enough to walk to, so I'm a total fan. We had a couple draft beers, shared a couple appetizers, and then walked around the mall for a while with a nice buzz (ok, well I did, at least).

 Two things we always get when we go to Bone Daddy's: "Tailpipes" (southwest eggrolls, not pictured) and a side of their mac and cheese. We also tried their brisket sliders appetizer for the first time, which proved to be a perfect choice.

I have to admit, I feel pretty drained today. I didn't get back from my shoot until about midnight, then I did a little impromptu modeling shoot (this is what happens when you have a wannabe photographer and a wannabe model living together), and heated up the dinner Steve had made earlier before finally collapsing into bed.

How was your weekend??

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