Monday, August 1, 2011

Coffee to-go

I get such a kick out of my new travel cup. It looks just like a to-go cup from a coffee shop. Is it just me, or do those cups make drinking coffee even more fun? Now I can get that perk without spending at least $3.00 a cup.
I saw these at Walmart weeks ago for $5, and just couldn't bring myself to spend the money, considering all the groceries I was already buying. But the other day, I was there again and they were marked down to $3.50! Patience can pay off...even though it's not usually one of my strong suits. :)

Um...does coffee get rid of morning bags under the eyes? I'm thinking it does.

 Big sunglasses + Take away coffee = ready to go!


  1. hey! you blog too. haha this is news girl--christina from podcast btw. i always get excited to find fellow bloggers :)
    cute blog!

  2. Thanks, Christina! I hope you'll subscribe and visit often. :)
    I checked your blog out the other day, and it's great! I liked the pic of the two of us, too. Hehe. Always nice to have fellow blogging friends. Hope we'll get to hang out again sometime!


  3. p.s.
    Readers: you can check out Christina's blog at
    Fun stuff!

  4. Aw thanks! Yeah,me too! I actually have a friend I met through blogging and we're gonna go grab coffee sometime this month. You should join!:)