Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere

Well, I had every intention of coming back and posting a "real" entry yesterday, but between my photo shoot and dealing with fixing a spazzed out cable box and remote control, I had enough to keep me running around.
By the way, the shoot was a blast, and I am so impatient to see how the photos turned out!

I've spent today getting stat reports done for my web site job (always "enjoyable", yeah...), so yay me for getting them done first thing. I definitely needed coffee to get me going this morning. My sleep schedule has been kind of messed up lately, after a few late nights out (or just awake) until about 3:30am last week.
Work's done for the day, so I'm having myself a whole wheat bagel thin (Nature's Own brand...good stuff) with some fat free strawberry cream cheese. It's kinda like dessert for breakfast! I'm keeping the coffee flowing, too. Ok, I realize it's already the 1:00 hour, but let's face it, I am not a morning person, so I guess I'm usually a little behind someone's typical day. Don't judge me! ;)

Anyway, this has definitely become a rambling post. Here's some other random stuff I've been up to lately:

 Creating odd ball-rocker looks. I wonder if I'd actually have the nerve to wear this out with the skimpy hot pants (perhaps not), but around the house, it totally works. Maybe in the Fall, with my thigh high suede boots.

Kickboxing! The gym at my apartment has a bag now, so Steve is training me. I've only done it once so far (a couple days ago), but that's because my muscles need to recover! It's definitely a work out. It's super fun though, and actually reminds me of taking dance classes. I'm totally loving it.

 Experimenting with make up for my headshots. This was what I settled on. Not the clearest photo in the world, but here's what I did:
- Liquid concealer/foundation where I need it (not all over the face like a mask!).
- Maybelline "Tranquil Sands" eye shadow (it has just a slight shimmer and makes your eyes look bright), black pencil liner on the inner rims of lashes (top and bottom), Bare Minerals "1980s" (a light gray) eye shadow to outline the lashlines on the top and bottom lids, black liquid liner on the top, extended very slightly into a subtle "cat eye". Black mascara.
- Colored in eye brows very lightly (I wanted to accentuate my brows, but not go overly dramatic the way I would on a night out) with a brown eyebrow pencil. Then, accentuate the shape a little further by adding in a little black pencil, too. Think of it as just a highlight to the brown, so you create a natural, yet defined look.
- I cover any blemishes or skin redness even further and brush on some mineral powder concealer (I buy this online from Premium Minerals - great prices!!), only where it's needed, and add a little more liquid concealer under my eyes to further cover circles, and cover any eye make up that has fallen there.
- I like to blend lipsticks to create the perfect color. Here, I used Rimmel London's "Kasbah" (sort of a dark coral), blotted with a tissue, and topped with Maybelline's "Shimmer Champage" lipstick, mostly in the center of the bottom lip to create the illusion of a fuller lip.
-  A little bit of light peach powder blush just under the cheek bones. Do a "kissy" face and you'll see where to put it. This will make you look like you have higher cheek bones.


Anyway, my work for the day is done, so I'll probably turn my sights to cleaning up the apartment a bit before my friend Kady comes over. How's your week going?? I actually can't believe it's already Thursday!

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