Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My current...

...hair obsession: Beachy waves. I've been using my new 3/4 inch curling iron to achieve the look. I've never really owned a curling iron before, so I am still perfecting my skills. As my hair gets longer and longer, I'm starting to really enjoy being able to broaden my style-horizons a little!
I love everything about the photo of Mary Kate Olsen below; from the style and color of her hair, to the costume ring on her finger, to her flowing, casual top. This photo pretty much sums up my style inspiration for Spring.

...food splurge: The "Hall of Fame" pizza from Rockin' Tomato - a sampler of four of their totally yummy pizzas, including the "Cinco Formaggio", which is one of the best cheese pizzas I've ever had! SO good. Moderation is key. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of breaking into the leftovers from Sunday's dinner at Monday's lunch. I may have to stay away from this stuff for a little while.

...Mood lifter: Check out one of my favorite blogs, Everything Fabulous, and go to the Inspiration section. Every previous blog post that includes uplifting words, tongue-and-cheek advice, mottos to make you smile, endearing quotes, and photos to cheer you, is listed there for easy-scrolling. Visit on your lunch break for a some happy escapism, or on a rough day when you need little mind-reset. I kind of totally love this quote below, which I found there.

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