Thursday, March 3, 2011

Go ahead, pale in comparison

I enjoy this time of year when it's warm enough to wear shorts occasionally, yet early enough in the year that most girls you see don't have their perfect, golden tans developed yet. It makes me feel better about my naturally ghost-like complexion.
I'm a natural red-head, so even if I try to tan, it's usually a lost cause. I'm not sure why that seems so hard for some people (usually those making "funny" comments about my fair skin during the summer) to understand.

I went through a phase of applying self tanner pretty often, but it's just such a hassle, and annoying to keep up with. Over the past couple years, I've learned to just embrace my skin tone for what it is. I try to look at it as "retro", fresh, or unique. Honestly, all you really need to do is just make it work!
If you're someone who's naturally dark, or you're able to achieve a nice glow after a day in the sun, more power to you! However, here is some beautiful inspiration for my pale girls out there:

Don't shy away from a bikini! See how beautiful this looks?

Fair skin can help provide an edgy look with little effort.

A bit retro.

Beautiful on a night out. Makes those red lips pop!

I rarely see Kirsten Dunst with a tan. Her look is pretty and laid back.

Lindsey Lohan is known for often sporting an overly-orange fake tan. I think she looks better with a more natural tone, like she has here.


You can argue with pure gorgeous-ness. Love this photo.

A very "everyday" look. You barely notice whether she has a tan or whether she doesn't. She looks casual, yet stylish.

Whatever your skin tone, own it! Remember, you're able to pull of a look that others can't. Share your thoughts below!


  1. too much emphasis is put on the colors that are IN this season. Remember, if you have the wrong color skin for peach...DON'T WEAR IT!! There are plenty of colors that compliment your own look, you don't have to fit someone else's idea of trendy. And remember too that those IT colors are almost arbitrarily chosen by some really pretty boring people who liked some random fashion designers latest collection that happened to be centered around that color. It isn't some magic ball or golden scroll from the Almighty that decided those colors, so you are under no obligation to conform to something that doesn't bring out your best. Make peace with your pale or decide your dark is delightful, either way its you, thats awesome and there is definitely a way to make the most of it.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. Gotta embrace the pale. I know so many people that jeopardize their finances and health fake tanning, simply because they haven't learned to love their pale skin. I am pasty white. I one time was in a pool and realized I couldn't even see my own legs against the wall of the pool. But hey, that's okay. It just makes my tattoo ink pop even more and my black summer hair style is going to be that much more striking.

    Power to the gingers, bitches! I think tomorrow is official ginger day, btw.