Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some spring in my step!

I am really starting to feel like Spring is officially here! The weather has been in the low 80s for the past week, and it looks as though this warmth is going to continue for a while. Maybe we're done with our cold spells (fingers crossed)!
I already have some wonderful activities planned to help embrace the new season, including going to my first baseball game in years next week (super excited!) and another weekend out at the pool.

Wednesday seems like the perfect day to break the work/chore routine a bit and have coffee and a chat with my best girlfriend, so I'll be doing that in a little bit.
Tonight, my boyfriend and I will be having dinner with some friends at a great Mexican restaurant right near my apartment, so I am also really looking forward to that!

How is the mid-week shaping up for you?

I hope you have (or are thinking of) some fun plans for the weekend! It'll be here before you know it.
Meanwhile, here are some Spring-inspired images for us all to enjoy:

 Isn't this a gorgeous room? (p.s. I stole this photo from one of my favorite blogs, Blushing and Sweet.) 
Once I spend some time getting my apartment decorated (hopefully in the near future), I really want to have accent pieces (such as the pillows, or flowers and vase in this room) that I can easily switch out, according to the seasons. I think that will really help create an appropriate atmosphere, all while keeping me from getting bored, without having to spend time and money on a big redecorating project!

I'm not a huge flower person, but I've decided recently that I really love hydrangeas (especially in pale colors, such as these). I keep seeing these pop up in different places, and I love how they just look like round bunches of tiny petals. Knowing next to nothing about flowers, it took me a while to find out what kind they were!

 I am determined to go shopping for sundresses very soon. They are something I haven't really worn until recently. I don't like to look too overly-girly, so I tend to gravitate towards ones with some edge, sophistication, or a vintage feel. I came across this one at (sorry, folks, it's already sold), and while it's not necessarily the perfect one for me (though, granted, it is very vintage looking), I thought it was really interesting.

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