Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Silver screening...

Tonight, I am finally making it out to the SXSW film festival for the premiere of a film that I had a small role in at the end of 2009. Looks like I get my "night out" after all!
The screening will be at one of my favorite bars downtown, The Belmont, which has a really swanky, "Rat-pack" type vibe to it. I'm really excited, but keeping my fingers crossed that hobbling around with my cast on doesn't prove to be too big of an ordeal (I've decided that I will be dressing up in something fun, despite the mandatory "boot" accessory!). Mainly, I will just have to be careful to not push my foot too hard. It's difficult to be patient, especially now that it's starting to feel better.

I might be doing a lot of sitting tonight, but this is proof that I can still feel pretty damn fabulous!

It should be a lovely night, and hopefully the film turned out well. It's always interesting to see the finish product, especially after such a long time.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. I hope you have fun! Let me know how it turned out! :)