Friday, March 25, 2011

Drab ---> Fab

Welcome to Friday, everyone!
So. It's been a bit of an emotionally draining week for me, even though there have been quite a few positive things sprinkled in. It's time to let the negative stuff go and work on moving forward, so I can fully enjoy all the good stuff.
I'm really glad that I finished all my work last night, because now I have the whole day free to try and re-group and recover from my roller-coaster week. Tonight, I'm going downtown with my boyfriend and some friends to see some live music. I'm dying to dress up in something that makes me feel amazing, and let that feeling flow into every aspect of my mindset.

Do you ever see a girl on the street and think, "Wow. I wish I could be that cool"? You can! Let's be as fab as we want to (and sometimes need to) this weekend!

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